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The Basics of Tagged PDF

This self-paced online course will give you a background in what a tagged PDF document is and how to perform basic user testing on tagged PDF documents. This course will be useful to those who are beginning their studies or career in accessible document design or accessible PDF documents or for those who are getting accessible PDF documents back from a remediation service. Knowledge is power! Having a basic understanding of what an accessible PDF document is and/or how to make some basic repairs/remediations will help you provide more accessible PDF documents. This is an introductory course. I do have other courses on how to create more accessible Word documents so you don’t have as many remediations in a PDF document or so that your Word documents can be accessed by those of us using adaptive technology. I also have a course on accessible fillable PDF forms which is a bit of an advanced topic. I recommend my book “Accessible and Usable PDF Documents: Techniques for Document Authors, Fourth Edition” as a supplement to this course if you really want to delve into accessible PDF. All can be purchased through my Teachable school.

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Karen Mccall
Karen Mccall

Karen wrote the first book on creating and working with tagged PDF documents (2005) and the first book on creating and remediating more accessible Word documents (2005). Her PDF book is currently in its fourth edition (2017). There have been several iterations of the Word book, the latest, "Styles in Word: A Primer for Accessible Document Design" was published in 2017.In 2018, she published "Accessible Fillable PDF forms".

Karen has been a Microsoft MVP for Word since 2009 and a Microsoft Accessibility MVP since the additional category was created in 2014. Until August 2018, she was a Canadian delegate to the ISO 32000 (PDF) and ISO 14289 (PDF/UA) committees for over 8 years.

Content in this course is copyright Karen McCall.

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